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Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle Benefits

You will love our Lifestyle Benefits. These packages have been created with you in mind. Our 3 levels include various programs to help you save money. We provide both individual and group programs at discounted rates.

MJG is committed to helping our clients wherever possible. You can choose from the following packages and get our negotiated discounted plans to start saving.

Finance with an Expense Tracker, Financial Helpline, SaversGuide, Safe Identity, Legal Care Direct, Tax Advice and more.

Lifestyle Package  SaverGuide, Safe Identity, Legal Care Direct, Roadside Assistance, Worklife Services and more.

Medical Discount Package has Doctors by Phone, Dental, Vision, chiropractic, Lab Testing, Nurse Hotline, Diabetic Supplies, Vitamins and much more.

Customized Group Packages– Designed as requested for larger groups.

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Employer groups of 50 or more are able to create their own packages. Contact us for your options today.

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