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High Deductible Protection

High Deductibles Are More Popular Than Ever Before

This is not just because people are looking for ways to save, but a High Deductible may be the ONLY option to get coverage. Does this sound familiar?

This may place a large burden on your family.  If something actually happens you are responsible for that large amount of money. If you have a medical reason to spend that much money, you may need some extra help.

That is why we have added a reputable, reasonable priced plan that is easy to obtain. Just Visit our site, choose your plan and get on with 2018.

This site first offers Short Term Medical. It is ONLY needed if it is NOT Open Enrollment, you don’t have other options and do not need pre-existing coverage.Most of you will not need that part so don’t worry about entering the number of months needed. That will not affect your plan.

The Accident plan we recommend in Maryland is Level 2. The benefits are much higher than the first one and more often meets current needs.The Critical Care plan we recommendin Maryland is anything between 25-100,000 in benefit payout.

Both of these will protect and cover those large deductible issues we most frequently see.

If you review the Dental from this carrier and don’t see what you are looking for just contact us and we will provide a host of others.

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