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Gap Plans


Gap Plans

Fill in your Gaps with Employer or Voluntary plans

What does that mean? You may have GAPS in your Medical plan that can be called a large Deductible these days, areas that are not covered like Dental or even extra benefits that get paid directly to you for services like Hospital/Emergency visits or routine check ups. Whatever they are, they usually cost you some time and money.

Many Employers do not understand why these plans are so important to their Employees.

These plans have become more important to everyone. As the cost of Healthcare has increased, employers have decreased the amount they can contribute to other benefits. Also, leaving the person to pay a much bigger bill if they are unable to work for a period of time.

When you have access to a plan through your employer, take advantage if you are able. They are usually much more discounted AND have little to no Underwriting. This means you may get something you otherwise may not qualify for. Employers who offer these plans are also helping you with taxes. We are happy to explain these benefits if you need help.

If you need individual or group plans to cover these areas, ask us for more information. If you like the Aflac Duck or need something that specifically targets your industry, we can help. See our other GAP Plan listed with America’s Drug Card and National General Accident and Critical Care plans.

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