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Non-Qualified Health Plans

What is the difference?
Qualified vs Non Qualified

A Qualified Health plan is a plan that is approved with all of the requirements of Healthcare Reform. It is a Major Medical plan the covers Mandatory benefits of the Affordable Care Act. People refer to it as “Obamacare” but that is not the name.

These plans must include 10 Minimum Essential Benefits. These include Lab Services, Emergency Services, Prescription Medications, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Maternity and Newborn, Pediatric Rehabilitative and Rehabilitative, Ambulatory Patient Services, Preventative and Wellness and Chronic Disease Management and Hospitalization.

Plans that are NOT Qualified may still provide some good benefits and be a type of Health insurance. But, they will likely have different coverage and be Medically Underwritten. They will have Health type questions that help determine if they will accept your application.

Now that the Individual Penalty has been removed for 2019 some people are looking for other options. Other cheaper options to be exact.

One Possible Option

We have added to our solutions in Maryland the UHOne- Golden Rule benefits plans. There are some very important things you must know when you purchase these plans.

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