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Associations and Affiliations

Associations and Affiliations

For any small business today it is important to have Partners and Contacts who can provide collaboration and expertise. We work with various consultants and corporations to provide the best fit for your needs. We find many solutions and tools that at one time were only be available and affordable to the larger concerns.

To know more about particular services, tools and benefits for your business request information on the right.

We also find it important for any business to be involved and aware on Local, State and National levels. Especially, as the world of Healthcare Reform evolves.

This is why MJG Coverage keeps up with, joins, participates and gets involved in meetings, associations, Social Network events and various groups along with required education and affiliations as a licensed agent would.  We feel it is important to not just do the “standard minimum” so we engage in every aspect of MJG Coverage.

Today, we are constantly keeping up with and reviewing the Healthcare Reform issues.  If you have an interest in current information you may visit

We are also able to help clients because of our many business contacts in areas such as Payroll, HR, Recruitment, Time and Attendance and PEO services, Business Development, Banking, Consulting and more.

We look forward to working with the Business Professionals and Individuals who take their protection needs seriously and pledge to do the same.

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