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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Information is so very important in a time of crisis.

We have all been bombarded with so much information during the COVID19 Epidemic. Our Business clients have extensive knowledge on how to properly wash, practice social distancing, set up remote work stations and in general try to be as safe for our employees and families as possible.

Now we are all looking for answers on how to handle the Group insurance plan questions, Small Business Financial Help and new FMLA rules. These are the topics that you may be exploring and looking for answers.

There are many resources. To share a few and remind all business owners that making the business decisions today to layoff vs furlough, to renew health plans vs terminate or to use unpaid leave vs paid leave will be a path you may need help determining.

We have found that it is best to ask professionals who know your business, it’s structure and needs on many levels. Please seek legal, accounting and benefit advice. Please review trusted sources like the Department of Labor, your state’s insurance commission and the IRS for correct information. If you are not sure if benefits may continue during a Furlough contact your broker or read your group policy contract.

Compliance Resources

We have legal and compliance resources who are engaging daily.  Some helpful quick links:

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