Radio Jan-Jun 2013

Radio Shows Jan – June 2013

Business Matters with Mindy is designed to help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with information and insight to help us grow.

Host Mindy Guisewite will talk about a wide variety of Business and Insurance matters.  A good base of knowledge can be very helpful to the consumer. We hope you find this show informative and helpful.

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  • June 25 – Business Matters with Roxann Gardner. Over the past 25 Years Roxann has worked with the very large companies like IBM to 8a small business in Sales in the West and from there she was “hooked” on Sales. business matters 6/25
  • June 18 – Business Matters with Brenda McChriston from Spectrum HR. 2 Hot Topics are covered- Flexible Work arrangements and Practice vs Policy and conflicts. Business Matters 6/18
  • June 4 – Business Matters with Nurse Brenda. Ideal helping people live pain free. Business Matters 6/4


  • May 14 -Business Matters with Mindy show on Healthcare Reform and Small Business concerns.Business Matters 5/14
  • May 7 – Business Matters with Mindy and Jerry Tabling with IDP- Intrusion Detection Protection discuss how businesses can better protect themselves, what types of intrusions are happening and how.Business Matters 5/7


  • April 30 – Business Matters with Mindy and so does Healthcare Reform. Today’s discussion includes tips and information for Small Business Owners to pay attention to.Business Matters 4/30
  • April 16 – Business Matters with Mindy and David Utts, CEO of Beaconpoint discuss Conscious Leadership. Business Matters 4/16
  • April 9 – Business Matters with Mindy and Matt Baker, CEO and Founder of Terrapin Adventures. Turning Leading and Team Building into fun. Business Matters 4/9
  • April 2 – Business Matters with Mindy and Jerry Tabling, Founder of IDP. Cyber Awareness, who’s knocking on your door? Business Matters 4/2


  • March 26 – Business Matters with Mindy and Chris, Author and Creator of “But I Hate Sales” for the non-sales person. Business Matters 3/26
  • March 19 – Business Matters with Mindy and Bert Sadtler, CEO of Boxwood Executive Search. Hiring the right talent to move your company forward. Business Matters 3/19
  • March 12 – Business Matters with Mindy and Bob Stearns, winner of the Baldridge Award. Bob is an Author, Speaker, Leader and winner. Learn how at Business Matters 3/12
  • March 5 – Business Matters with Mindy and Entrepreneur Glenn Garnes helping small businesses with BIG ideas. His Legal perspective and how to make those changes to be happy. Business Matters 3/5


  • February 19 – Business Matters with Mindy and Patrick Wynn at the Howard County Tech Center discuss the changes and evolving partnerships with growing business. Business Matters 2/19
  • February 12 – Business Matters with Mindy and Jim Randisi from Randisi and Associates discuss many reasons to consider pre-employment screening. Some pitfalls of doing it yourself or ignoring proper and legal process may be costly. Business Matters 2/12
  • February 5 – Business Matters with Mindy provides more insight on Healthcare Reform, current issues and state exchanges.  Business Matters 2/5


  • January 29 – Business Matters with Mindy and guest Troy Morton. We address the changing Insurance Market with Healthcare Reform. Will new laws open up new opportunities? Business Matters 1/29
  • January 22 – Business Matters with Mindy and guest Aaron Young, CEO of Laughlin Associates. Teaching entrepreneurs to build a corporate fortress. Business Matters 1/22
  • January 15 – Business Matters with Mindy and Co-Host DW Starr. Change is not always easy. Be willing to surrender who you are for who you will become. Business Matters 1/15
  • January 8 – Business Matters with Mindy and Patsy Anderson. This is our very first show. See how far we have come. Business Matters 1/8

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