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Individual/Family Medical Insurance under age 65

You may create your own quotes for the most common plans in our area. If you have questions or want to better understand Deductible, Co-insurance or Co-Pays, please let us know.

Most importantly, you must have a qualifying event to purchase coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period. So, if you loose coverage through an employer, don’t forget to request your HIPPA Cert or Letter that states the loss of coverage date. This will be required for your new plan acceptance if it is not Open Enrollment time. When you purchase an individual plan mid year, you will have a short Deductible period.

Many carriers now include “Healthy Living Components.” These are fairly new options please review them carefully. If there is a credit or money back available, we want YOU to benefit. We all want more for less so don’t miss out.

Healthcare Reform has changed the old process. There is individual coverage and small group coverage available. You will be able to figure out if you qualify for coverage in the exchange and qualify for subsidy to help with your premium. Most states require that you set up an account first. When you do that, you may choose us as your Broker.

To find the NEW Exchange plans being offered in your state you may use the following links. These are NOT tied to any Brokers or Agents. Contact us for our Agent and ID information if you would like help at the beginning, during or after you place an application.

Individual/Family Medical information at website

Maryland Health Connection for those who qualify for subsidy.

Many people now have a very high deductible. If you have a HIGH DEDUCTIBLE PLAN and want extra protection. See our new Plan Options or contact us for more information.

There are only 3 Qualified Plan Providers in Maryland for 2019. Please contact us if you need more information. United Healthcare will not be providing Individual plans in Maryland in 2019.

In Maryland, you may purchase a plan OFF the Exchange if you do not qualify for subsidy. Carefirst Health Insurance to get a quote and/or apply select the image below. Please be aware that getting your payments in promptly is more important more now than ever before. There are so many changes and issues to resolve that there is little room for late pay concessions.

Find Medical, Dental and Medicare supplements.

Click the Carefirst Image to obtain a quote.


Signature Maryland Plans using Kaiser locations are available both on and Off the Exchange.

Assurant Health Plan options are NOT available in Maryland for 2019. BUT, you may purchase a Short Term or Temporary plan. This may be used for those who do not have a Special Enrollment Period but still want/need coverage until the next Open Enrollment.

lightbulb-smPre-Existing and HSA TIPS

Pre-Existing Conditions are no longer a part of the coverage eligibility process. But, they are still considered if you need a Temporary or Short Plan year plan until the next Open Enrollment.

Health Savings Accounts- If you purchase a High Deductible Health Plan, and there is an H.S.A. included, you can save more money. The minimum deductible has changes each year. Please be sure to update you plan if it no longer qualifies. Some carriers are not offering H.S.A. Plans on the Maryland Exchange. Please ask us for help if you are not sure.

If you have Medicare and need a Supplement, you do not find what you are looking for or need coverage for Employees, please contact us for more options. We are one of the few selected Brokers allowed to provide the AARP-United Healthcare Medicare Supplements. Please fill out the request for information and our representative will contact you.

Lastly, a very important key in purchasing insurance today is TIMING. If you loose coverage or make a change, be sure to address as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss the appropriate time to participate.

If you want to terminate an Individual/Family Carefirst or Kaiser Health insurance plan you must complete their Termination correctly.

If you purchased on the State Exchange, you must terminate on the State Exchange.

If you purchased through MJG Coverage, we will provide you with a form.